The Leadership Academy exists to be an Afrocentric, Intergenerational, Multidisciplinary and Christian oriented institution for the professional development and personal deployment of individuals towards sustainable societal transformation and development.
After many years of leadership training experience all across Southern Africa, our passion to equip the church and community organizations with relevant, creative, fresh and collaborative strategies to reach the next generation has only grown.

This is why we started the Reaching a Generation Leadership Academy – an accredited ministry college. This college is interdenominational and currently offers a post MATRIC qualification in Christian Leadership. The programme runs online and in community.

A hands-on ministry qualification for pastors, spiritual leaders, faith based community facilitators, community care givers, children workers and youth workers who are wanting to reach this generation!

This is more than a ministry qualification, this is a learning experience that will change your life and give you the knowledge, leadership skills and mentorship to bring positive change to your church, community and world.

To find out more about the Reaching a Generation Leadership Academy and the study opportunities, visit the website here.

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