In a changing world with very unique communities, we are seeing strategies emerge around the country that look different and each one in their unique way is reaching children and families that were previous unreached.
Our Community Wide Outreach initiative targets all of the children and youth in your community as well as network with as many churches as choose to partake in this venture. It is designed to bring volunteers from churches, denominations, ministries, NGOs, and businesses together to make the greatest impact possible in the lives of the children and young people in the community for years to come
  • Provides you with the opportunity to reach the unreached children in your community
  • Develops a in team within your church who will be able to disciple the churches children, as well as present effective and dynamic school programs
  • Grows both your children’s and youth ministries
  • Start with an initial 3-week time period
    Attempt to reach all of the children and youth in schools, prisons, hospitals, etc. in the community
  • Present a free copy of the Hope For a Nation and Africa Teen Edition Book of Hope to each student, child, and young person in the community after a dynamic presentation
  • Help churches connect with schools and assist educators from the local churches to make a huge impact in their schools through programmes like KidsHub and Teen Torch clubs 
  • Initiate a long lasting relationship between like minded ministries and churches to ensure impact in your community when focusing on the largest unreached people’s group in your community – Our children!
In previous years, millions of children have been reached with a similar initiatives, yet we believe that since the focus of this initiative is discipleship, this will have a huge long- lasting impact in the lives of many around our nation. Through Community Wide Outreaches we believe we will be able to assist the body of Christ to design strategies to ensure discipleship of children in your whole community.