KidsHubs is a global disciple-making strategy. It is a way that leaders can pass on a Godly way of living in a small group around a particular interest.

Leaders teach skills that children are already interested in, like sport, and use teachable moments to model what being a disciple looks like. Children are clever and able, and can learn to serve God now by His grace—just like their growing leaders.

KidsHubTV! It’s happening all over the world, encouraging partnership and connecting communities. Fun skills! Growing faith! Awesome God!

Every moment is an opportunity to disciple the next generation – KidsHubs is about discipling, mentoring and building relationships with children through:

  • Teaching them relevant and purposeful skills
  • Growing their faith by pointing them to discover Jesus through the Bible
  • Leaders and children authentically sharing their lives with each other
  • Encouraging a sense of belonging to a faith community

For more information about KidsHub TV or to start your own KidsHubs Club visit the KidsHub Africa website!