“When Zia was invited to be presenter for KidsHub ,we thought that it will be a great opportunity and excellent experience for her.  What amazed us as parents the most ,was not what she learnt about presenting, scripts, shoots and all of that, but how God was working in her heart through each episode. KidsHub has greatly impacted Zia’s spiritual life.  After each shoot we could see that it is not the same child that we dropped off and that God was working in her heart and life.  One of the most special times during the KidsHub production was when Zia came back after one of the production weekends  and shared with us how she felt the burden of sharing the gospel to the children of the world that don’t know Jesus Christ.  Although she knew before that weekend there were people that don’t know God ,it became a reality for her ,that people must be saved.  It wasn’t mind knowledge anymore ,but her heart was changed.   Zia is growing more and more other centred as she learns of God’s love for others.” –

In Zia’s own words, “One of the greatest things about KidsHub  is all the new wonderful friends that I have made.  I’ve got to know the co-presenters and we,ve really become great friends. During the KidsHub shoots I feel nearer to God.  We hear the stories, discuss it and usually it touches my heart.  There is always a life lesson in for me. One of the most important things I have learned is that people are all different and that it is okay.  Further I have learnt about the importance off teaching others of God.  To care for those that do not know God and to pray for them.”

KidsHub TV is part of a global disciple-making strategy called KidsHubs Clubs. The television show is about a group of children and their leaders who learn fun skills, explore the Bible, and follow Jesus together! One of the most powerful ways to reach a child is through another child. especially when the message is about the Hope of Christ and His values! This is the Heart of KidsHub TV.

Over the last few years we have embarked on making KidsHub TV a reality in South Africa! By developing and filming 13 episodes in
season 1, we have seen the amazing potential KidsHub TV has for making a difference in Africa. We have also created a website, which allows people to view and explore what KidsHub TV is all about! The website features resources designed for educators and parents to use when discipling children. Presently, there are negotiations for the KidsHub TV series to be broadcast in Courts Houses in South Africa – specifically, the Courts Houses for children who have been abused or have experienced trauma due to crimes against them.

With a very strong connection to our Community Wide Outreach initiative as well as a specialized Book of Hope, KidsHubs clubs are being established and are running on a regular basis. With these clubs, leaders can teach a Godly way of living through a small group setting that meets around a particular interest. KidsHubTV and KidsHubs Clubs are growing all over the world, encouraging partnership and connecting communities. We are excited to be a part of this ever expanding ministry!