Today’s children are raised in a world that tries to eliminate risk – But children love adventure; they want to take risks and do things they have never done before! Centreshot captures that sense of adventure by developing a child’s skills in archery while developing their relationship with Jesus Christ at the same time. Learn to strengthen relationships as you mentor young lives using archery as a tool to reach your community with God’s love!

Centreshot is an outreach strategy that uses the sport of archery as a tool to assist local churches to reach communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through Centreshot, we envision influencing children who will become politicians, businessmen and women and leaders in society. This programme has also helped the church gain access to the more affluent schools in our part of the world.

Access to schools is gained through volunteers (dads, moms, pastors, etc.) from churches who will then be able to minister to children in a discipleship programme that pairs with the archery training.  Being a part of a Cenresthot Club also affords students the opportunity to compete in national and worldwide competitions hosted by the “National Archery in the Schools Programme” (NASP).

Through the Centreshot programme, students are mentored, they grow Spiritually, and they have the opportunity for national sports recognition – Making this ministry effort one of a kind.

For more info about Centreshot, please click to view or download the brochure.

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